Complaints & Compliments

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction remaining unresolved and needing action to be formalised through an agreed procedure.


At Hope Home Care Ltd, complaints about any aspect of the services provided are encouraged and viewed as a normal part of quality monitoring arrangements. Hope Home Care Ltd knows that without relevant feedback this cannot be achieved. 


Please do not be afraid of making either a complaint or suggestion about any aspect of the services that you are in receipt of from Hope Home Care Ltd


You may be unhappy about any aspect of your care package or feel that the services that you receive are not appropriately or sympathetically discharged. It may be that you have concerns about punctuality or reliability, no matter what your concern; you have the right to complain.


If for any reason you are not able to make a complaint yourself, do not worry, others can complain on your behalf. This type of complaint, although delivered through a third party (caring relative, friend, neighbour etc.) will receive the same urgent attention from the Hope Home Care Ltd Complaints Manager who has a duty to provide a prompt and full response to yourself and /or the person by whom the complaint was made.

Reasons for having a Complaints Procedure

Hope Home Care Ltd has formulated a system of handling complaints. Remember that all staff have signed a confidential statement, so feel free to make your complaint.

How to Complain

Complaints can be made in a number of ways. The method will probably depend on the nature of the complaint and the way you feel about complaining.


Initially you may consider having an informal word with your Care Worker; this is often the simplest and quickest way to resolve difficulties and is the suggested route for minor concerns or worries that relate to the day-to-day provision of services.


If you feel unable or not willing to speak with your care worker or if it would not be appropriate to do so, then you can contact the Hope Home Care Ltd Office. You can do this by phone, in writing or through your care worker whichever way you feel the most comfortable with. All Service Users are provided with a Complaints form. Please feel free to ask the office, they will forward it to you if you do not have one already.

Complaints Procedure

We aim to provide a high quality and fair service to our Service Users.  If on any occasion our service falls below the standard you expect please let us know and the problem will be investigated quickly and thoroughly.

What should you do if something goes wrong?

Speak to our  Registered Care Manager (Mike) on 01624 827917.  For out of hours please call: 07624 498403

Or you can write to us at our registered office or email us.

If the matter raised constitutes a complaint.

  • If your complaint cannot be resolved by the end of the next business day, we will send an acknowledgement letter/phone call to you within 5 working days.

  • Once we have completed the investigation we will contact you with the outcome.

  • No later than 28 days after receipt of your complaint we will either send our final response or explain why we are not yet in a position to resolve the complaint and advise you of when we will contact you again.

  • If we have not made a final response by the end of 8 weeks we will write to explain the reason for the delay and indicate when we expect to provide a final response.  

  • When the investigation of your complaint has been completed we will write to you with the outcome. 

  • In the event if you are not satisfied with the final response to your complaint, you may then refer your complaint to the: 

Registration and Inspection Unit

3rd Floor

Murray House

Mount Havelock



Telephone: 01624 642422

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